Ways & Means

We Serve. Not just our motto; it’s our mission.

Cochrane Lions support Cochranites in their time of need. We support families that have fallen on tough times, local sports teams, and large initiatives, with a focus on youth, extraordinary circumstances, and community development.



We can help.

Giving is what we do. We are committed to the betterment of our community and our neighbours; be it navigating hardships or supporting local causes.

Anonymity is guaranteed as for over 5 years we have an independent subcommittee that analyses all incoming requests. If the request is within their limits, they decide based upon a combination of factors. The general club membership never sees these requests, they stay within the small independent subcommittee. For requests above their limits, it will go to the lions club for approval, but anonymity would be discussed with you in advance as it is taken very seriously.

Know someone who could use a hand?